Six years ago, two guys built a hotel in Nicaragua that invest all its profits in education. Hotel con Corazón is now a top tourist accommodation in Granada and more than 300 kids have advanced their education thanks to our educational support programs. 

Our next ambition is to conquer the world. Hotel con Corazón aims to open ten more hotels in the next ten years - all based on the same concept: offering an exceptional stay and earning a healthy profit to invest in education.

Worldwide Expansion

In 2013, we selected the first sets of partners - from more than 75 interested entrepreneurs - to develop the first new hotel in Mexico (Oaxaca) and a second hotel in Nicaragua (León). As the founders did, these new entrepreneurs want to set up a Hotel con Corazón in the country of their choice and spend some years living there to contribute to local development. In all three locations, an improvement in education is desperately needed. With the construction of new hotels we enable more children to finish their education, so they can take their lives into their own hands.

At this time, all sets of partners have presented a solid business case and launched a crowdfunding campaign to involve friends and family. 

Your Hotel con Corazón?

We continue to look for social entrepreneurs who match our ambition and share our values. Read more about the type of entrepreneurs we are looking for.

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