Following the successful example of Hotel con Corazón in Granada we, Jans, Rens and Lucy want to open a second hotel in Nicaragua, close to the city of León. We will do this in shape of the same concept of the hotel in Granada: building a comfortable mid-range hotel of which 100% of the profits will be invested in education in and around León. This allows more children to complete their school successfully and improve their future prospects.

With your participation we aim to raise EUR 75,000. Here's how you can participate:


Buy a 'social share' of EUR 500,- and become a shareholder of our hotel ! Your 'dividend' is paid in the form of one free night per year in our hotel (to save up to a maximum of 5 nights in total). You will receive an official certificate and shareholders will receive an honorable mention on a portrayal on the wall in the hotel.


Invest in our staff and pay the first month's salary and an English course for one of our Nicaraguan hotel staff members for EUR 250,-. For this social investment you will receive an honorable mention on a portrayal on the wall at the hotel.


Hotel con Corazón in León Beach will have 6 rooms. So we need 6 of a lot of the inventory items. Help support the funding of 6 mirrors, 6 hammocks, 6 bedside lamps, 6 rocking chairs, 6 beds etc. You can already invest starting from EUR 50,-. For this amount you can buy two bedside lamps or a hammock. For twice the amount (EUR 100) you can buy a nice rocking chair. For the 10-fold from EUR 50 (EUR 500,-) you buy a bed. Check out the inventory with prices here . Indicate what you want to invest in and we make sure that your name is visibly marked on the article as a social investor.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for our terms and conditions regarding these propositions.

Our campaign will run until July of this year.

* In the unexpected event that we will not succeed in fundraising the total required amount, we will give you the option to get your investment back or donate it directly to one of our education programs.

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