Erica Donkers, Saskia Fiselier and Marcel Zuidhof are starting a Hotel con Corazón in Oaxaca, Mexico. The hotel is a social enterprise: the net profits will be invested in children's education in Oaxaca, one of the poorest states in the south of Mexico.

The total planned investment amounts to 550,000 euro (approximately 625,000 US dollar). The start-up capital will be raised through crowdfunding, investments, long-term loans and contributions of funds. At this moment (summer 2016) we already have 477,500 euro in investments and donations.

Help us build Hotel con Corazón Mexico! The amount we still need to raise through crowdfunding is 56,500 euro (63,000 US dollar).

What can you do?

EUR 500: be a social shareholder 

Buy a share for 500 euro and become a social shareholder in Hotel con Corazón. Your "dividend" is 7 free nights in our hotel. 

EUR 150: be our guest

Pre-book three nights in Hotel con Corazón Mexico in our "pre sale" and receive a 30% discount.

EUR 50: be our amigo

Donate 50 euros and become our "amigo" forever. You will receive a Mexican suprise!

Would you like to support us in a different way? That is also possible! For more options, go to Support Mexico.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for our terms and conditions regarding these propositions.


  • Hotel con Corazón is a profitable enterprise that runs completely independently once the initial start-up capital has been raised and generates income year after year for the benefit of education.
  • The enterprise is sustainable, offers good working conditions, stimulates the local economy and functions with respect for the local culture and environment.
  • With a cozy and intimate hotel, a professional staff and excellent service, we create a 'home away from home'-feeling for our guests.

Why Oaxaca?

Poverty and poor education are prominent problems in the state of Oaxaca. At the same time, Oaxaca is a popular tourist destination that receives over a million visitors each year. Through tourism, we aim to generate income for the benefit of the local population.


Are you interested in investing in shares or with a loan with an appropriate financial return? Please find more information on the page Investment.

In the unexpected event that we will not succeed in raising the total required amount, we will give you the option to get your investment back, or donate it to another Corazón start-up hotel or directly to our existing education program in Nicaragua.


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