We are researching the possibility to open a second hotel in Nicaragua, which will be in shape of the same concept of the hotel in Granada: a comfortable mid-range hotel of which the profits will be invested in education in and around León. This allows more children to complete their school successfully and improve their future prospects.

Hotel con Corazón León will respond to a growing need for mid-range hotels. At the moment, there are many backpacker hostels in the León area.


The Hotel con Corazón Foundation has been working for more than 7 years in Nicaragua. Due to this, the foundation is familiar with the culture, laws and regulations applicable in the country. In addition, the presence of two hotels in the same country can lead to certain advantages. Tourists (individual or organized groups) can easily travel between two Con Corazon hotels in the country, and two hotels also offer economies of scale, for example in terms of purchasing.

Soon we will develop a new business plan for a second hotel in Nicaragua. If you have any suggestions or want to get involved, please contact us! 


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