Terms and conditions Hotel con Corazon Costa Rica

Social share

  • You buy a social share for € 500,-.

  • Your 'dividend' consists of an annual free night at our hotel, for up to two people in a double room, subject to availability and prior reservation.

  • You will receive a signed Social Share certificate by mail. This certificate must be presented to the front desk at the check in at Hotel con Corazón in León.

  • The certificate is not transferable.

Note for dutch citizens: The Social Share is not tax-deductible, since consideration is provided. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please mention this when ordering the Social Share. The consideration will be canceled and you will receive an invoice on which your payment is described as 'donation'. Hotel con Corazon Foundation is a Dutch ANBI-registered institution (taxexempt status), so donations may be deductible for income tax purposes in your country.

Presale Nights 

  • You make a donation to the Hotel con Corazón Foundation.

  • In return you will receive two free nights at Hotel con Corazón Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica, according to the donation you made.

  • You will receive a voucher for free nights by e-mail, for either:

    • Two people in a double room, subject to availability and prior reservation.

    • Four people, in a family room or two double rooms, subject to availability and prior reservation.

  • This voucher must be handed over to the front desk at the check in of the respective hotel.

  • The voucher is transferable.

Loans (starting at EUR 500)

  • You make a commitment for providing a loan to Hotel con Corazón Costa Rica Holding BV, Netherlands.

  • The actual delivery will be scheduled for January 1, 2019.

  • For the commitment and lending agreements, separate contracts will be made.

  • The duration of the loan is 10 years.

  • The interest rate is 2% annually and shall be calculated from the moment the loan is granted. Interest is paid annually on January 1st, starting January 2021.

  • Hotel con Corazón Mexico Holding BV repays the loan in eight payments, starting January 1, 2021, the last repayment period being January 1, 2029.

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