The team

We are a modern, networked organization of qualified experts and social entrepreneurs. The team in the Netherlands is made up of 15 loyal and experienced professionals who dedicate their spare time to Hotel con Corazón. When the number of hotels increases, we intend to hire one or two paid employees to manage, monitor and advise on a continuous basis.

Audrey Schillings

Communication Team

"We want children to learn. Hotel con Corazón combines business sense with social development. Supported by a passionate team with entrepeneurial spirit."


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Freek Sanders


"By being a very-much-for-profit non-for-profit organisation that invests in education we help to make this world a more hospitable one."

Freek on Linkedin

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Jessica Niessen


"Hotel con Corazón is true to its name: a sustainable business that helps to develop countries build a brighter future and provides service from the heart to its guests."

Jessica on Linkedin

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Marcel Zuidhof

Founder / Investor Relations

"We founded Hotel con Corazón in Nicaragua for children to shape their own future. Now we ask Impact Investors to join us and shape the future."

Marcel on Linkedin

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Pieter Verhulst

Advisor finance

"Money can't buy you love, however, the Hotel con Corazón educated children will love you forever; invest now!"

Pieter on Linkedin

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Boris Francoise

Boris Françoise

Hotel Manager Granada

"Education + Tourism = Sustainability!"


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Geertje van der Pas

Board Education

"Education is the base for a better world. The combination with social business makes that this better world is becoming more real."

Geertje on Linkedin

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Joost van Duin

Board Finance

"I can not think of a stronger business case than invest in education."

Joost on Linkedin

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Marcela Mayorga

Education Manager Granada

"Education is a tool to break the cycle of poverty. Foundation Hotel con Corazón, helps to develop existing capacities in the community."

Marcella on Linkedin

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Saskia Fiselier

Saskia Fiselier

Social Entrepreneur Mexico

"To contribute to a more sustainable world by way of social entrepreneurship in my favorite country: my Perfect Match."

Saskia on Linkedin

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Durk Steegenga


"It is good to help, but unsatisfying when the money is put in a black hole. Hotel con Corazón creates and continuing ecosystem. That is what I want to support!"

Durk on Linkedin

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Gil Crielaard

Graphic Designer

Taking care of Design: Con Corazón Annual Reports, Ads, t-shirts, website + more for a wonderful purpose.

Gil on Linkedin

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Lizzie Dipple

Editor English

"I love being part of the Corazón family. We are showing the world that you can do business, and do it well, whilst also doing good."

Lizzie on Linkedin

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Onno Oostveen

Founder / Business development

"Creating sustainable business that gives its people opportunities to develop. That makes me tick."

Onno on Linkedin

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Erica Donkers

Social Entrepreneur Mexico

"Education is about creating chances. Every child has a right to learn. Hotel con Corazón contributes to that by running a healthy business."

Erica on Linkedin

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Heleen Blokland

Communication strategist

"Passionate social entrepreneurs who wil make their own dream as well as the dream of hundreds of children come true: thats a great story to tell."

Heleen on Linkedin

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Lucy Drost

Social Entrepreneur León Nicaragua

"Hotel con Corazón is the shining example of sustainable tourism!"

Lucy on Linkedin

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Petra de Boer

Board - Branding & Dialogue

"Sustainable development needs healthy enterprises and educated people. We foster both."

Petra op LinkedIn

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